Accounting Glen Huntly

The Office Elsewhere has modern photocopying equipment. We can copy A5, A4, A3, double-sided as well as sort your document in black only.
Want to have your document stand out? We can also photocopy onto paper other than 80gsm white. A vast selection of coloured paper is available:

  • 80gsm Coloured & Tint Paper
  • 80gsm Fluro
  • Transparencies
  • Patterned Paper



Need a fax or email sent or received? The Office Elsewhere can provide this service for you.
Sending a fax/email:: The Office Elsewhere will provide you with confirmation that your fax has been transmitted.
Receiving a fax/email: The Office Elsewhere will contact you upon receipt of your fax to our office.



Laminating can protect your paper with a smooth plastic coating, this will minimise damage from constant handling. It is perfect for price lists, menus and certificates.
The Office Elsewhere can laminate from business card size to A3.



No matter what your budget, The Office Elsewhere can help ensure that your documents are professionally presented. Talk to us about your requirements. You will find us competitively priced and our turnaround time exceptional.